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// Flow Sounds: Gee Watts Watts Up//

Photo: Rising Kansas City emcee Gee Watts just dropped his first official mixtape, titled "Watts Up." It features Kendrick Lamar, Adrian Truth & Dre Harmony. Let us know what you think:
In an artist’s progression there is a natural sign of maturation, but also a reflection of the attention they expel into their specific craft. The journey, to reach a point to where you have a platform to show your creations to the masses ending as you wish are few and far between. In order to take a hold of the proverbial flame that flickers artists have but a small window. A perfect example of striking while the kindling is ablaze is: Distant Dreams artist and Kansas City native Gee Watts. On the heels of his recent collaboration with Compton Emcee Kendrick Lamar, Distant Dreams had the forethought to release Watt’s latest piece, Watts Up. 
Chalked full of energy driven quotables and mood enducing production, Watts fires away conceptually on an array of topics from the trust issues that come with notoriety to the reality facing his generation of fellow African American males. As a complete collection of songs,Watts Up, is above and beyond previous releases from the 22 year old Emcee. Highlights for your ears could be: the introspective narrative the stems from tales of life in the inner city in “Angels In The Hood,” Watts floating seamlessly over the ambient tones on “Nasty,” the originality condensed in the sonic feel of “Keep It Gee” which relies on a reversed sample and the crooning of Adrian Truth, and most obviously the lead single “Watts R.I.O.T.,” which features the aforementioned Lamar. 
The overall feel of “Watts Up” will probably leave you wondering why, if true, to this point you haven’t run across Gee Watts. As, a signature release, showcasing a total encapsulation of both Watts’ talent and potential for greatness. Watts Up may one day be a collector’s item you’ll want to have stashed away, if just to tell those not in the know, that you heard Gee Watts when he arrived….

// In Rotation: Heartfelt Anarchy Self-Titled LP//

Released in February, Heartfelt Anarchy, is the Kansas City tandem of Emcee Les Izmore and Producer D/Will. 

// Shameless Plug: FBTE2//

When D and I decided to have Falling Back To Earth II be created we wanted to allow each song to both be a representation of a specific set of emotions, and also to be a time capsule of sorts for the time when those emotions were able to inspire the songs that came to fruition. The goal in each song was to try as much as possible to remove ourselves from the content of the songs in order to give the words a more universal feeling and vibe. I have always chartered my music around the basic principle of honoring the art form by carrying a certain level of honesty in what I write. I learned in letting these particular songs pour out of me that there is a way to convey a truth, or set of truths, so that the message is digestible by all those who choose to listen. I spent hours searching myself for the most adequate way to give descriptions of my loss, love, and struggles so that each listener would have the opportunity to possibly apply or pass forward pieces into their or the lives of others. Our goal wasn’t, in the end, to center on or glorify any one particular concept but to paint images that can be used in a broad spectrum of life events. This record isn’t about any one particular fall, but an offering to help those in there suffering to conquer their own negativity in a positive way. There is an appreciation you can gain for life in falling by regaining or establishing a new love of where it is you fell from….


2/6/2013…yall ready?


2/6/2013…yall ready?


Kendrick Lamar Freestyle on Hot 1079 Atlanta via (by Glenn Woods)

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